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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Feb 23 16:15:08 PST 2011

On 2/11/11 2:13 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> On 2/11/11 10:39 AM, rst at ai.mit.edu wrote:
>> Stephen Williams writes:
>> ...
>> >  Microsoft better be careful what they bite off.  Failure may be very painful at this level.
>> They've already had a taste of it with the Kin (remember that?).
> Barely, one of the shortest MS blips. Props for not dragging out the embarrassing train wreck.
>> But they've already placed a massive bet on Windows Phone 7; I
>> don't think this deal gives them anything *more* to lose...
> This isn't struggling minor player. It is a faltering European rock star, now being headed by an executive from Microsoft. How's 
> that for implicating corporate intrigue?? I'll be curious what the EU finds when looking into _that_. 

Microsoft / TMobile / Samsung are Sears / DMV / pre-2010 Comcast when they need to be Apple / Amazon / Sprint / Target / Costco.  It 
doesn't matter that you have a hiccup, but it does matter how it is handled.  Whatever idiots are determining customer service 
policy at all three companies have already begun to doom the whole Win-phone thing.  Again.

>             Well and truly bricked. <http://www.zdnet.com/tb/1-93784-1792019>
> My Omnia 7 has been well and truly bricked by this update.
> That would be bad enough, but the way it's been handled since then has really rubbed salt into the wound.
> My phone now fails to boot beyond the Samsung logo splash screen; attempts to force a hard reset or to re-flash the ROM via 
> Download Mode result in the phone simply rebooting and getting stuck at the splash screen again.
> Microsoft, via its Twitter support feed, is directing users in my position to return phones to carriers for replacement. When I 
> spoke to my carrier, T-Mobile UK, they pointedly refused a replacement, saying it's "not our software", and referred me to 
> Microsoft, as it was Microsoft's update that killed the phone.
> The staff I spoke to at Microsoft for the best part of an hour were sympathetic, but claimed they were unable to assist, as there 
> was literally nothing they could do other than sympathise - they don't have replacement phones to send out, and they don't have an 
> in-house repair centre for end-user devices, so they referred me again to either my carrier or to the manufacturer, Samsung.
> When I spoke to Samsung, they also gave me the "it wasn't our software update" line, before accepting that the phone could be 
> repaired under warranty - but they refused to guarantee a replacement handset if a repair wasn't possible, and given that my phone 
> is less than three months old, and that the clusterfvck occurred during ordinary responsible usage of my device, this seems less 
> than satisfactory.
> Finally, I returned to my carrier again; they conceded that they would help with getting my problem resolved, but that the best 
> they could do would be to take the device off my hands and send it back to Samsung for a standard manufacturer warranty claim. 
> This, they claimed, would provide me with either a repaired handset or a replacement handset "within 4-6 weeks". They demanded 
> that I take my phone to a T-Mobile store for processing, but they did say that a temporary loaner-phone would be provided while I 
> wait for my phone to be returned. In a magnificent twist worthy of this developing fiasco, my local T-Mobile store was out of 
> loaner-phones, and I was advised to either go to another T-Mobile store several miles away, or to buy a cheap pay-as-you-go 
> handset from them and then call T-Mobile customer services on 150 to see if they'd credit the cost back to my account. No 
> guarantee of that, naturally.
> So, I'm now without my lovely shiny Windows Phone that I've been boasting about to all my friends, and evangelising to the world 
> about for the last three months. And boy, do I feel like a prize chump for talking it up.
> I don't know who to be most p!ssed at - T-Mobile, Samsung or Microsoft - but I'd say there's plenty of shame to be shared between 
> the three of them for how poorly this has been handled. For my part, I'm having quite a day, as three companies that I've been 
> exceptionally loyal to for many years have all basically stuck their middle finger up at me in quick succession.
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