[FoRK] RT? Seen it?

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 7 21:27:33 PST 2011

Funky.  For some noise while writing / coding, I left the hotel room TV on a channel I'd never heard from called "RT".  No obvious 
other identification, source, etc.  Speakers mostly had very good neutral English (with only a too-long stretch on certain 
diphthongs), nominally US-ish with a few mild European accents for segments.  Only after a long while did I hear a an identifying 
accent in a short segment: Russian (non-profit) TV.

Apparently, it is sort of a Russian cross between BBC and Al Jazeera (with a distinct CNN feel).  They actually showed a CNN screen 
shot at one point, apparently to say that they are better.  The video and web site ( http://rt.com/ ) have high production values.  
If there is any charter, it seems to be to make Russia a safe, normal, profitable place to do business.  Although in a segment on 
that subject, they mention a French entrepreneur (rose florist/grower) having trouble finding people that want to work.

Interesting.  And funky.


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