[FoRK] Mobile Bloom, Microsoft Gloom

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Mar 8 16:56:23 PST 2011

Just played with the Motorola Mobility Atrix.  Full screen Firefox on the "dock", loaded TiddlyWiki and TiddlyMath, downloaded a 
local copy (which defaults to /mnt/sdcart/Downloads (perfect)), browsed, edited, saved, and reloaded.  Presto, MathML, mini-Latex, 
graph drawing, notes, Wiki, etc. on a pocket phone!

The Microsoft Gloom is all mine: I don't expect that they will fix their culture until much further in the decline.
However, I talked to a mobile product manager from Microsoft at lunch and provided my take on the problems Microsoft has caused, and 
is causing, and what it will take to fix them.  The mobile group has already hit bottom and decided to rethink everything to fight 
back into relevance, trying hard to do the right things.  Interestingly, it seems that since mobile is where it's likely that a lot 
of the action will be for a while that perhaps they will gain enough clout to upgrade the overall culture.  Lots of luck with that.  
It's kind of funny, but sad how they keep shooting themselves in the foot.


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