[FoRK] a footnote on True Grit

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 9 11:23:09 PST 2011

The Rooster Cogburn character in True Grit apparently has a coherent  
backstory: not only does he say he served under Quantrill during the  
US Civil War, but he winds up touring with Cole Younger and Frank  
James just before his death.  All of these are historical figures,  
and indeed the process by which many of the partisans[0] who rode  
with Quantrill simply segued into bank robbery[1] and other dubious  
postbellum pursuits is most notoriously shown in the career of the  
James-Younger gang[2], of whom Cole and Frank even had a touring  
"wild west" show by 1903...


[0] similar to the differing interpretations of the Muj[3,4] between  
Rambo III and today, in True Grit even the ex-CSA TX ranger character  
was not convinced the bushwhacker's service was legitimate.
[1] Cogburn mentions he knocked over a "high-interest" bank; Jesse  
James' rationale was that he targeted reconstructionists.
[2] assuming True Grit to be set in the early 1880's, there's even  
enough time for Cogburn to have ridden with the James gang, then  
spent 4 years as a US marshal. (objection! speculation! sustained.)
[3] anyone seen 9 рота ? how are they characterized there?
[4] or, for that matter, their counterparts in the Reagan  
administration, some of whom were later legitimated by the then-VP ...

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