[FoRK] AnDevCon2011 Ssx & JavaGlue presentations and code posted

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Mar 9 16:42:01 PST 2011

My AnDevCon2011 presentations:

Ssx - an ultra concise DOM-like XML parser that includes an embedded SAX parser - about 1200 lines of code total, 240 for the SAX 
parser.  Apache 2.0.

JavaGlue - An improved fork of XBiG which is a Java->C++ JNI glue code generator.  Close to completely alleviates JNI work, plus 
gives you great Java->C++ rather than just Java->C.  GPL for the tool, LGPL for application use.

TiddlyWiki is awesome.  Not great for everything, but currently my favorite tool for technical presentations / documents.  Code 
formatting and syntax highlighting with no fuss.  Full Wiki, Markdown, and HTML markup.  Nice tagging system.  Close to perfect PDF 
output.  Ability to add in MathML / mini-Latex equation and graph rendering.  Running it on an Android phone is interesting, at 
least with the dock screen on the Atrix.

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