[FoRK] car & tv internet

John Parsons bullwinklemouth at yahoo.ca
Wed Mar 9 21:07:53 PST 2011

--- On Thu, 3/10/11, Lucas Gonze <lucas.gonze at gmail.com> wrote:

> I love known strangers.  Human beings rather than
> bots.  There's some
> kind of Turing test thing going that makes a human playlist
> juicier
> than a bot playlist.

At the risk of appearing late to the party, I'd like to put a plug in for "Radio Paradise" internet radio, for human-mixed eclectic tastes. They have mobile apps, too.

All "free". They also have a unusual business model, in that they merely ask you to send them a donation if you think it worthwhile. I honestly don't know how that works for them, but I admire their optimism in human behavior.


I have several music collections (vinyl, cassette, CD, etc.) and have many ways to transcribe, randomize and compile these. I also have access to digital music through my "communications" provider but it tends to be monolithic... baroque, swing, blues, etc., and I get tired of listening to any too specific a genre for long. Additionally, I get excited over discovering new music that I just won't find on my own. When I do hear a piece of music that intrigues me, I want someone to tell me something about it, and cut through all the chaff, 'cause there's a lot out there.

Sounds like a job for a DJ. That's how I increasingly want to consume music these days.


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