[FoRK] Atrix / Xoom Details

David Edmondson dme at dme.org
Mon Mar 14 10:42:48 PDT 2011

On 14 Mar 2011, at 4:48pm, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> I am buying an iPad 2 and not a Xoom.

Why? (Haven't played with a Xoom, but it does seem that the iPad 2 trumps it on specification, never mind general usability.)

> Phone still Android.


I spent a couple of days trying to use an HTC Wildfire with 2.2.1.

I'll admit that it's an entry-level device, but the overall impression is pretty awful. The UI looks like something from the 1980s, though perhaps the 320x240 screen has something to do with that. The complete lack of consistency between the supplied applications can't be blamed on the screen size.

The non-Gmail email client comes a very distant third behind Apple's iPod Touch (don't have an iPhone) and RIM's Blackberry mailers in terms of usability (K-9 is not much better). Gmail is not particularly impressive. The calendar application wastes screen estate like a poor joke and is, perhaps largely as a result, mostly impossible to use. The only saving grace (compared to the Blackberry that it might replace) is the personal hotspot support (and, I suppose, the lack of requirement for a Blackberry server somewhere in the network).

Of course, a Wildfire is £150 and an iPhone 4 is £500, so perhaps you really do get what you pay for.

Are the £400-£500 Android phones actually usable?

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