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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
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Searching for something else, I found the following document from 2001.  It is one of the more complete and most concise leadership 
documents I've run across.

It is an old (but printable) version of the following material.  This site also has great information on knowledge, training / 
learning, creativity, etc.

This is interesting as the lead-in for Creativity:
> Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of /Flow/ <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060920432/bigdogsbowlofbis/>, 
> describes ten traits of creative people. He writes the fifth one as harboring tendencies on the continuum between extroversion and 
> introversion. Usually we tend to be one or the other. Indeed, in psychological research, extroversion and introversion are 
> normally considered the most stable personality traits. Yet creative people seem to express both traits at the same time. And 
> there are probably a couple of good reasons why. 

A mention of Mihaly is always good.  I still remember reading Flow in the cafeteria at Bank of America in 1994...  Which, 
ironically, reveals a break in my flow. ;-)  Or, more likely, indicates hyper-activated "photographic memory" because I had an 
ah-hah moment.

Are you (Maslow) self-actualized? (Isn't that a pre-requisite for FoRK??)  (Do others do this much?: I like "casting" the "type" of 
a phrase to disambiguate / hyper-specify.)
>       Characteristics of self-actualizing people:
>     * Have better perceptions of reality and are comfortable with it.
>     * Accept themselves and their own natures.
>     * Lack of artificiality.
>     * They focus on problems outside themselves and are concerned with basic issues and eternal questions.
>     * They like privacy and tend to be detached.
>     * Rely on their own development and continued growth.
>     * Appreciate the basic pleasures of life (e.g. do not take blessings for granted).
>     * Have a deep feeling of kinship with others.
>     * Are deeply democratic and are not really aware of differences.
>     * Have strong ethical and moral standards.
>     * Are original, inventive, less constricted and fresher than others

His site is mentioned here:

This is also cool, but subscription ($19/mo.).

I cannot help but feel that ITIL is yet another certification / process a semi-scam.  Poor Europeans.  At least, I get the feeling 
that it is commonly used and/or required.  Some good info though.

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