[FoRK] Plumbing, power, sign posts - getting simple things wrong

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Mar 20 21:49:02 PDT 2011

Re: Japanese power plant:
Perhaps there was a problem with knocked-out equipment due to being submerged.  However it seems like if they would have fired up 
one of the reactors right away, they would have produced enough local power to cool the other reactors.  They would have been in 
much better shape.  There's a pretty good likelihood that they didn't just out of procedure after a SCRAM...

How, even in the 70's, do you get simple plumbing so wrong?  They should have had 3 redundant systems, one of which included a pipe 
some distance away that simply required input of water.

Re: Terrible bus accident in NY: The road department has to share some of the blame.  Not culpable, but certainly they were 
negligent to some extent for putting an immovable force on the side of a major highway.  There is no reason to do this: Either 
anchor signs and lights past a guardrail, or make them shearable.  You might notice that most highway and street light poles are 
thin metal sheerable poles.  Whether by design or not, this has probably saved many lives by not splitting impacting vehicles in two 
as much.

Simple principles, zero modern technology, disasters that could have been averted with no significant cost.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to educate everyone on nuclear science while not overly activating the nucular paranoid.  
Hopefully we'll now A) replace our old reactors and B) build a few more while we're at it.  And C) get a better plan for disposing / 
recycling of spent fuel.

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