[FoRK] OT: Question/Netflix issues?

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Living with head in the clouds. 

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> Guess that move to Amazon EC2 wasn't such a good idea. First reddit,
> now netflix.
> http://techblog.netflix.com/2010/12/four-reasons-we-choose-amazons-cloud-as.html

FWIW, at $DAYJOB we haven't been able to run out a pool of a couple of
dozen EC2 instances for more than two weeks (since last June) without
at least one of them going down.  The same number of hardware servers
we ran ourselves in Peer1 ran for a couple of years with no unplanned

Amortized over five years, Peer1 colo + hardware is also cheaper than
the equivalent EC2 cost.

Hey everyone! Join the cloud, and stand in the pissing rain.


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