[FoRK] Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power

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> Design is the tool that overcomes all human stupidity.

No. Nothing in this universe, or any other, is capable of overcoming all human stupidity/cupidity. 

"Foolproof" means proof from fools. Can't be done. A good friend reminded me today of a quote that "You can't make anything foolproof because fools are so damned creative." 

As Gary said, it's not about technology. Design is about technology or process (which is really just another form of technology). There isn't a design on the face of the planet that you can make impenetrable to politics or greed (or is that the same thing?).

By the way, this (my comments) is not about nuclear. I'm ambivalent about that particular form of power generation. It's about anything dangerous. It's particularly about short term decisions with longer term consequences that the decision makers don't care about because they have no incentive to. E.g. they know, or believe, by the time consequences occur they will either be dead or have created a situation for themselves where they are otherwise immune to them.

You can't design against that.


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