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Applying good old Occom's Razor...

Intuition = Heuristic Function in A*

Rational decisioning is very similar to A* search.  The complexity is how the 
Heuristic Function is built...

On 3/28/11 1:27 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> "intuition - Knowing Beyond Logic - Insights for a new way of living" - Osho - 
> 2001
> And I quote:
> "Intuition cannot be explained scientifically becasue the very phenomenon is 
> unscientific and irrational.  The very pheonomenon of intuition is irrational. 
> ...
> And intuition is something beyond intellect, something not of the intellect, 
> something coming from some place where intellect is totally unaware.  So the 
> intellect can feel it, but it cannot explain it.
> The leap of intuition can be felt becasuse there is a gap.  Intuition can be 
> felt by intellect - it can be noted that something has happened - but it 
> cannot be explained, because explanation needs causality.  Explanation means 
> to answer the question from hwere does it come, why does it come, what is the 
> casue.  And it comes from somewhere else, not from the intellect itself - so 
> there is no intellectual cause.  There is no reason, no link, no continuity 
> within the intellect.
> Intuition is a different realm of happening that is not related to the 
> intellect at all, although it  can penetrate the intellect.  It must be 
> understood that a higher reality can penetrate a lower reality, but the lower 
> cannot penetrate the higher.  So intuition can penetrate intellect because it 
> is higher, but intellect cannot penetrate intuition because it is lower.
> It is just like your mind can penetrate your body, but your body cannot 
> penetrate the mind.  Your being can penetrate the mind, but the mind cannot 
> penetrate the being.  That is why, if you are going into the being, you have 
> to separate yourself from body and mind both.  They cannot penetrate a higher 
> phenomenon.
> As you go into a higher reality, the lower world of happenings has to be 
> dropped.  There is no explanation of the higher in the lower because the very 
> terms of explanation don't exist there; they are meaningless.  But the 
> intellect can feel the gap, it can know the gap.  It can come to feel that 
> "something has happened that is beyond me."  If even this much can be done, 
> the intellect has done much.
> But the intellect can also reject what has happened.  That is what is meant by 
> having faith or not having faith.  If you feel that what cannot be explained 
> by the intellect does not exist, then you are a "non-believer."  Then you will 
> continue in this lower existence of intellect, tethered to it.  Then you 
> disallow mystery, then you disallow intuition to speak to you.
> This is what a rationalist is.  The rationalist will not even see that 
> something from the beyond has come.  If you are rationally trained, you will 
> not allow the higher; you will deny it, you will say, "It cannot be.  It must 
> be my imagination; it must be my dream.  Unless I can prove it rationally, I 
> will not accept it."  A rational mind becomes closed, closed within the 
> boundaries of reasoning, and intuition cannot penetrate.
> ...
> Intuition is possible because the unknowable is there.  Science denies the 
> existence of the divine because it says, "there is only one division: the 
> known and the unknown.  If there is any God, we will discover him through 
> laboratory methods.  If he exists, science will discover him."
> The mystic, on the other hand, says, "Whatever you do, something in the very 
> foundation of existence will remain unknowable - a mystery."  And if the 
> mystics are not right, then I think that science is going to destroy the whole 
> meaning of life.  If there is no mystery, the whole meaning of life is 
> destroyed and the whole beauty is destroyed.
> The unknowable is the beuty, the meaning, the aspiration, the goal.  Because 
> of the unknowable, life means something.  When everything i sknown, then 
> everything is flat.  You will be fed up, bored.  The unknowable is the secret; 
> it is life itself.
> I will say this:
> Reason is an effort to know the unknown, and intuition is the happening of the 
> unknowable.  To penetrate the unknowable is possible but to explain it is not.
> The feeling is possible; the explanation is not.  The more you try to explain 
> it, the more closed you will become, so do not try.  Let reason work in its 
> own field, but remeber continuously that there are deeper realms.  There are 
> deeper reasons, which reason cannot understand.  Higher reasons, which reason 
> is incapable of conceiving."
> sdw
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