[FoRK] Do Not Anger the Alpha Android

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 17:12:31 PDT 2011

You  mean have Apple and MS (closed source)  folks taken this up as
the further call to vilify Google (open source)? Sure, I have heard
some. I still have not read the details finely enough to rant
eloquently on it. I still see a platform far more open than most
others. I do see a need to kick the butts of the carriers to get
properly working/secure code on the customers devices. If I see them
doing things like Apple and MS then you can bet ya a couple of spare
quatloos it wont be a good thing.

Re: the Bing thing...I am still waiting for something more than a he
said she said thing.

Is this the death of Open? Not that I can see. Is this a chance of the
Apple/MS spin machine to toss dirt around? Oh heck yea...and it may
even be justified. Even if it is though...look who is doing the dirt

-tom(funny contradiction make hulk laugh ha ha)higgins

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