[FoRK] Do Not Anger the Alpha Android

Jeffrey Kay jeff at jeffreykay.com
Thu Mar 31 17:43:05 PDT 2011

I wasn't so much throwing dirt (full disclosure to others that don't know
--- I work on Windows Phone at Microsoft) --- just interested in knowing
whether others were as incensed about this as some of the blogs I've been

It's really not MSFT or Apple that are taking up arms over this AFAICT.
Google has started to tighten up its control over Android.  I think folks
that use Android had the Linux picture in their heads --- they could do
whatever they wanted without any consequences and they had a sugar daddy
paying the bills to keep moving it forward.  Now Google is saying that this
isn't quite the case --- if they are going to pay the bills, there's a quid
pro quo.  

I admit I'm amused, but only by the fact that was _totally_ predictable.
Google won't continue investing in a platform without maximizing their
revenues --- that's their search model also.  They drop projects that don't
pay.  On the plus side for Android users, this is a tacit promise that they
are not going to step away from Android any time soon.  But for the huge
number of OEMs that just want a platform to use as a base for their own
projects, this is going to start limiting them.  Does this really mean
anything for MSFT or Apple?  Probably not much. The long tail of OEMs may
reconsider the platform (and they probably weren't customers of MSFT anyway)
or conform (which might not be good for the "openness" that a lot of Android
users like).  

Interesting times ...

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You  mean have Apple and MS (closed source)  folks taken this up as the
further call to vilify Google (open source)? Sure, I have heard some. I
still have not read the details finely enough to rant eloquently on it. I
still see a platform far more open than most others. I do see a need to kick
the butts of the carriers to get properly working/secure code on the
customers devices. If I see them doing things like Apple and MS then you can
bet ya a couple of spare quatloos it wont be a good thing.

Re: the Bing thing...I am still waiting for something more than a he said
she said thing.

Is this the death of Open? Not that I can see. Is this a chance of the
Apple/MS spin machine to toss dirt around? Oh heck yea...and it may even be
justified. Even if it is though...look who is doing the dirt throwing.

-tom(funny contradiction make hulk laugh ha ha)higgins
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