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Gary Stock gstock at nexcerpt.com
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Yeah, "HIPAA Violation" was the working title, but (even though that 
tested well in the BDSM/Femdom community) the producers thought it was 
too obscure to sell widely.

The final release was "Privacy Violation -- Teen Nurses Let It All Out."


On 4/1/11 9:43 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> That's gotta be a HIPAA violation.....
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> Subject: [ISN] Porn Star HIV Test Database Leaked
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> By Adrian Chen
> Gawker.com
> March 30, 2011
> The patient database of the private health clinic that conducts STD
> tests for California's porn industry has been breached, exposing test
> results and personal details about thousands of current and former porn
> performers, some of which have been published on a Wikileaks-style
> website.
> Earlier this year, a website called Porn Wikileaks posted a list of what
> it claimed were the real names of more than 15,000 porn performers past
> and present, alongside their stage names and dates of birth. This
> essentially "outed" them to any passing Googler, which caused an uproar
> in the industry since many porn performers try to keep their real name
> secret, for obvious reasons. That 15,000 names were on the list was
> significant, especially considering only about 1,200-1,500 performers
> are currently working in California's Porn Valley.
> It turns out that many of the names came from a database belonging to
> the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM), which conducts
> the majority of STD tests for the porn industry. (Working straight
> performers get tested at least once every 28 days.) The porn gossip
> blogger Mike South first reported the breach after he was contacted by a
> number of porn performers who said the information posted about them on
> Porn Wikileaks must have come from AIM's database. Their proof: They had
> only used the stage names that were posted on Porn Wikileaks once, when
> registering for testing at AIM.
> One former porn performer we spoke to registered for an HIV test with
> AIM using a stage name he made up "off the top of my head" when he
> started in the industry eight years ago—and he never used it again. (He
> picked a new stage name when he appeared in his first adult video.) But
> the stage name he gave AIM recently appeared on Porn Wikileaks, linked
> to his real name. That stage name "was never used, it was never spoken
> anywhere else. It was written down one time and one time only and that
> was on the HIV form for AIM," he said. "Without a question [the leak]
> came from AIM."
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