[FoRK] Outlook Is Awful

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Apr 1 17:17:01 PDT 2011

On 4/1/11 3:57 PM, Bill Kearney wrote:
>> They need to hire someone to say "Stop giving me excuses.  This is broken. Fix it.  Now.", empower them to insist on change, and 
>> get it done.
> No doubt the code for handling message display is a crusty nightmare of spaghetti.  For what profitable interest would it be for 
> them to undertake dealing with that knot of Gordian proportion?

Keeping users.  Avoiding being the laughing stock of technical companies.  Refraining from polluting the eWaves.  I could go on.
Microsoft makes plenty of money from email servers and application licenses.  Those people are getting less than if they used free 
software or cheaper cloud alternatives, but they mostly don't know it.  And those that do know feel that they can't change, mostly 
for bogus reasons.

The whole problem with Microsoft is that, in this situation, they see no "profitable interest" in fixing the problems.

They tried ignoring IE, perhaps hoping they could hold back the web.  How's that 26-56% browser market share feel?

> Me, I'm more irritated by the brain-dead ways in which it bungles handling IMAP connections.  The display crap I can live with, 
> but the basic IMAP connectivity has been fucked since before Outlook 97.  And appears to remain broken in the latest ribbon-based 
> abomination.

Definitely bad.  I don't see it because I use alternatives whenever possible (and it usually is).

> -Bill Kearney 


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