[FoRK] Trumped!

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Wed Apr 27 16:51:07 PDT 2011

On Apr 27, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Republicans will always own this, at least all of them that are on the record supporting the issue.  The rest are tainted by it.  A simple graph of when facts were known (during the campaign) compared to various instances public comments were made will reveal that they were in one of two modes: cluelessness or mendacity.

To the extent this issue even rises to the level of notice, Trump owns it. He made by far the biggest impression and also the last one. Most people simply do not care in the way you do. The majority of Americans do not waste any time on the spittle-flecked blogs of either the left-wing or right-wing.

Hell, to be perfectly honest, *I* don't care either. The only reason it is interesting at all is that Trump has turned it into an amusing media game.

> 50% of Republicans polled are birthers.  One would think the other 50% are rolling their eyes and wondering whether they're supporting the right crowd.

You ascribe undue importance to the existence of birthers (or 9/11 Truthers). Most people overlook the nutters in their midst lest their own nuttery be judged. For all of these party-biased beliefs there is always a smaller but significant fraction of people in the other party that share that belief. 

>From where I am sitting 95% of the population, equally split between Democrats and Republicans, routinely espouse nutty beliefs. People are comfortable with nutty beliefs; there is no anti-nutty-belief party.

> Weak?  I don't see it. 

EvoPsych 101. 

>> The Republicans have their Birthers and the Democrats have their 9/11 Truthers (40%!?). The conspiracy nutters will always be with us with their conspiracy du jour and they are legion.
> What Democrat has publicly questioned 9/11?  What reputable Democrat?  I don't think it is even a tiny fraction of the birther thing.

There's a bunch of them. The right pointed them out and mocked them in the same way the left does in the other direction.  Needless to say, if you consume left-wing media you probably are not exposed to it, same as if you only consume right-wing media. They each have their own heavily distorted versions of reality that their subscribers believe to be an approximation of "objective".

I don't consume much media so I only get the highlight reel from both sides in bits and pieces, which is probably pretty close to the way the majority of Americans experience it. 

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