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Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 10:01 PM
Subject: re: On the Birth Certificate Idiocracy
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Dear James,

I read with interest your analysis of the president's birth
certificate press conference:

About mid way through your article, you state that about half of all
Republicans think Obama is foreign born.

I think it is more correct to say that about half of Republicans will
tell a polster that they think that Obama is foreign born.

In my opinion, what is happening here is that few Republicans actually
believe much of the de-legitimising propaganda they spout, but as a
group, they know that telling everyone they do believe it works just
as well.

Remember, this is the group of people who once described their
opposition as the reality-based community. The opposite of reality is
make-believe, and I think that describing the Republicans as the
make-believe-based-community is probably as accurate a description as
you are ever going to get.

As for the timing and strategy of this. In my opinion, Obama has
masterfully stirred up the issue, which marks Republicans as fruit
loops, and they know it. Showing evidence wont move the
true-believers, wont change the need for every Republican
representative to genuflect towards the birthers, and wont change the
polls we get next week about how many Republicans believe he is
foreign born. It will, however, make the Republicans look more and
more ridiculous, which is what they are complaining about.


Damien Morton

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