[FoRK] Google IO

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue May 10 09:54:17 PDT 2011


400K activations a day.

100Million activations, 4.5B installs

Video streaming to all devices (or something similar) via Android Market.  30 day rental period.

Music beta - Music Manager
Machine learning listens to your music to create a "truly ingenious mix".
"Never have to use a cable to add music again."
Caches music recently played for offline listening.  Plus "make available offline".
When you get a new phone, all you have to do is sign in and all your music is available right away.
You can add up to 20,000 songs to your library.  Free while in beta
music.google.com/about to get started (for invitation)

In Honeycomb 3.1: USB Host support.  Demoed with an XBox controller running a game.

In Ice Cream Sandwich:

HeadTracking (i.e. face tracking in 3D) built in, running on the GPU, 500 frames per second
Video conferencing in developer APIs that automatically tracks / zooms to multiple speakers.

Android hardware / accessories:
Android Open Accessory - ADK
CardioQuest app interfacing to exercise bike (If you don't have an app registered for that accessory, phone sends you to Android 
Market to get one.)
Have an open accessory dev kit, the ADK, based on Arduino.  2 more manufacturers are releasing their kits today.

Android At Home
"Real world Farmville app controlling your sprinklers."

Project Tungsten - Android device, plus Android At Home software.
Speakers / stereo, etc.

Demo of NFC of a purchased CD just touched to a tungsten-enabled ball - immediately starts playing (obviously streamed from the cloud).


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