[FoRK] KK: the art of endless upgrades

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Tue May 17 08:20:39 PDT 2011

This reminds me of Rick Moranis in LA Story (as the graveyard guy who is 
constantly finding silicon parts that far survive the pepole they buried).


On 5/17/2011 8:03 AM, Ken Meltsner wrote:

>> Part of it may be the shock of discovering that you will be around long
> enough to worry about replacing the replacement -- 20 years life for a caulk
> is effectively forever if you plan to move in 5-10 years, but you may want
> to spring for the longest life product just in case you decide to settle
> down..
> If you live in an hundred-year old house, you find that you may be on the
> third or fourth replacement for a given subsystem; worst case is when you
> have a hundred years of partial upgrades and replacements.
> Feel free to extend this to software, the human body (if you live long
> enough, you end up replacing your fillings several times...), etc.
> Ken Meltsner
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