[FoRK] Microsoft completes a "soft buy" of Nokia, was: Re: Microsoft paying Nokia $1 billion to use WP7

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jun 5 20:27:14 PDT 2011

I may try it soon, but MS exhausted my patience quota for today (see below).

Qt Quick - most promising, all desktops + some mobile (ported to Android but not sure how usable that is yet).

Qt Quick -> GWT would be cool to support web apps.  One try: http://qtwui.sourceforge.net/
Qt for Android is already well on its way:

It's been ported to IOS, but pre-alpha completeness:

Plus Qt's in WebOS: http://opensource.palm.com/2.0.0/index.html
But souped up Webkit, with a very nice designer is very compelling.

Other alternatives:

Good comprehensive list:

On 6/5/11 6:48 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Microsoft Expression Blend 4's Sketchflow is the best new class of software product I've seen in 10 years.  I think it's truly 
> innovative.
> Greg 

Looks cool, but:

First page returned by Google gets this result:
> The connection has timed out
>           The server at expression.microsoft.com is taking too long to respond.

Third one requires newest Siverlight:
>   Get Microsoft Silverlight
> Silverlight home page
> Upgrade Microsoft Silverlight
> for a better Web experience
> An earlier version of Silverlight has been detected.
> Installed version: Silverlight 4 (4.0.51204.0)
> Current version: Silverlight 4 (4.0.60310.0) <https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/handlers/getsilverlight.ashx>
> You may need to restart your browser.
>     * Installation Instructions
>     * System Requirements
>     * Uninstall Silverlight
>   1.
>           Verify your system requirements
>       Make sure you are running a Silverlight-compatible Macintosh operating system and browser and that you have uninstalled any
>       previous version of Silverlight.

I have to uninstall Silverlight before installing a point upgrade?  All this to see a video about their other product?

Additionally, I have to restart Firefox in 32-bit mode since they (and only they as far as I've run into) don't have a 64-bit plugin.


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