[FoRK] Who's infiltrating whom?

Marty Halvorson marty at halvorson.us
Fri Jul 15 17:23:59 PDT 2011

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011, Stephen Williams wrote:
 > The prison conversion thing is irritating.  I'd contribute to
 > teaching positive self-improvement / humanism, which is what is
 > really missing for a lot of criminals.
 > > There's a lot more that missing, and most of it is much harder to
 > > deliver than (and also prerequisite to) a course in Enlightenment > 
 > > Values 101.
 > Of course, but you have to start somewhere and leaving it to certain 
 > groups is a mistake.  What would be your ranking of important
 > concepts to inculcate.  What would your reeducation look like?
 > These seem like top categories to me:
 > Workable and rewarding philosophy of life.
 > Understanding the nature of society and other people.
 > Understanding the meaning of money and economics.
 > Resolving anger, anxiousness, frustration, inferiority complexes,
 > jealousness.  Including resolving PTSD.
 > Relationship skills.
 > Learning that you can control your thinking and related topics.

As the adoptive father of a criminal, much of what you indicate as 
priorities are true.  Although I assume your ordering is not 
prioritized.  If it is, the learning to control your thinking would be 
first.  Followed closely by resolving anger.

But the <b>most important</b> thing any criminal needs to integrate into 
their being is: Accepting responsibility for one's actions.  This 
includes ceasing to blame others for things that happen due to oneself. 
  On the latter, an example would be my son blaming me for the thousands 
of dollars he stole from me because I refused to fund his drug habit. 
Which by the way, wasn't his fault either because he just did it to be 


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