[FoRK] networking question

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jul 24 15:11:17 PDT 2011

Any PC or PC-like device running Linux could do this trivially.  It's about 10 lines of networking configuration max.
If you have managed switches, you could even do it with a single or maybe dual ethernet ports using vlans.

Linux has extensive metering, QoS, latency/fault simulation, etc.  all built in.  Easy to set up.

There are PlugPC and similar devices that have multiple GigE ports that would be perfect for this.

Cisco devices are much harder to program properly than the LInux command line configuring the kernel...  Plus, the Cisco 
equipment, switches in particular, often have a lot of capability limitations because they need to do most of the switching in 
hardware.  You don't need that for an apartment / Internet environment.


On 7/24/11 3:01 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great Damien Morton once stated:
>> Hey there,
>> Wondering if there is a solution that involves a single switch/router which
>> will allow us to say, simply, "this collection of ports is reserved
>> 1.5mbs/256k" and "this collection of ports is reserved 4.5mbs/768k".
>    Cisco routers/switches can do that, and you can get used Cisco equipment
> at decent prices (that's what we do at our company).  Now, how simply can
> you say "this collection of ports ... " is up to debate, but it can be done.
>    -spc (One of the few pieces of computer hardware that doesn't depreciate
> 	at warp speed ... )

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