[FoRK] Flying robots, was: Re: Robotics, power, autonomous glassbot factories

John Parsons bullwinklemouth at yahoo.ca
Tue Aug 2 21:24:14 PDT 2011

--- On Tue, 8/2/11, Damien Morton <dmorton at bitfurnace.com> wrote:

> You might be able to use something
> like this to move your wings:
> http://www.igus.com/wpck/default.aspx?pagename=robolink

This and the Festo stuff is brilliant. I want these folks involved in the next generations of knee transplants and prosthetics.

I appreciate the nod Festo gave to Da Vinci in the articulated gear drives for Smartbird's flapping wings. In pure mimicry of biological processes, however, it relies on something not found in nature, specifically the axle. Nothing wrong with that of course, but mimicry of musculature (i.e. like hydraulic actuators, but perhaps with expanding/contracting synthetic media instead) remains a challenge.

OTOH, is mimicry really the point here?


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