[FoRK] interesting electoral concept

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Mon Aug 29 19:59:02 PDT 2011

I'm even more opposed to restricting political speech.  Who would have 
the right to enforce it?

I have a better idea.  Eliminate Washington DC.  Make every single 
elected representative in congress stay in their own district.  In this 
day of technology, internet, video conferencing, online social and 
collaboration, why is there any need for any of them to travel there 
again?  Can you imagine lobbyist having to fly to 50 states or 
400-something districts to lobby?  They'd scream bloody murder.


On 8/29/2011 7:46 PM, Jebadiah Moore wrote:
> That's a good point; perhaps it would work though if somehow that negative
> effect was mitigated?  For instance, restrict election speech and reporting,
> if you could somehow make that not backfire or fail, or use a radically
> different constituent to representative ratio (say, 10,000:1), so that
> politicking would be so local that it would be easy to tune it out (as
> people tune out Resident's Representative to the Apartment Company
> elections).
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