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John Parsons bullwinklemouth at yahoo.ca
Sun Sep 11 19:56:18 PDT 2011

As a former analog cable subscriber who *ran* to DSL for both my internet and HD TV (with PVR), I can state that I wouldn't return to coax, although I will admit that most of that impetus came from the abysmal service the coax company was providing. I assume that digital coax may be as good/similar, but it's still run by the same clowns that couldn't adequately provision analog TV. The point being is that the twisted pair which brings my DSL is at least open to competition (as mandated by our CRTC), while the coax provider is in a local monopoly situation.

As a former designer of those first coax systems, I ensured that coax was run to my garage when the opportunity arose. Now it's useless, and CAT5 is required.

I doubt there is yet any current economic case for fiber to the home en mass.


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From: J. Andrew Rogers <andrew at jarbox.org>

DSL does to a limited extent but an Ethernet drop is what I'd like to see. Ethernet is currently synonymous with high-quality bandwidth so they charge a lot for it.

Most of the existing plant was laid down in pre-Internet days and works well enough. It will take awhile for the economics to replace the existing infrastructure.

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