[FoRK] Republicanism as Religion

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at jarbox.org
Thu Sep 15 10:31:21 PDT 2011

On Sep 15, 2011, at 9:27 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I didn't take it as "religious bigotry", but more as "religious principles and operating methods" as a style of thinking and acting, and fundamentalist religious mental patterns in particular.

Since political influence is largely about mass psychology it should not be surprising that it shares the obviously successful "principles and operating methods" of religion. Quasi-religious movements require broadly charismatic leaders and there aren't any on the American political scene right now that I can see. 

At least Americans have moved past that creepy messianic thing they had going in 2008.

> All I know is that Bachman gives me the creeps.

She gives most people the creeps. It is not a political party thing.

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