[FoRK] Way to go Microsoft

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Sep 15 14:39:58 PDT 2011

Everything, so far, looks great for a server OS.  PowerShell is getting "over 2300" new commands.  (Recreating Unixen.  Hopefully 
they have well thought-out command structure.  They could have learned from the structured data interchange discussions we had last 
year for greatly improving the Unix pipeline model, but I bet not.)  And Microsoft Server 8 (as some people are calling it) is 
essentially headless, with Windows and a partial admin GUI as optional.  Plus very good VMWare equivalent, including dedupe (about 
time) and live VM migration.


Now, let's see about the desktop.

Finally, they break from the past and start providing some real value.

If they A) also support other operating systems well such as Linux and B) resist the apparently formerly overpowering urge to 
bastardize and half complete everything (bugs in their hacked version of network stacks, Kerberos in Active Directory, etc.), 
perhaps it will finally make sense to buy Microsoft server products.  Doubt it will pan out without major pain points, but this is 
more promising than anything Microsoft has ever released.

There's nothing like existential competition to sharpen (or create) the desire to actually help customers first and foremost.


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