[FoRK] Poverty In America: A Special Report

Reza B'Far (Oracle) reza.bfar at oracle.com
Sun Sep 18 14:33:01 PDT 2011

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The majority of the waste in health-care is due to the supply-chain 
wastes and not provider/payer/receiver service-wastes (I know this 
intimately from my day job as I build software that searches for waste 
and fraud).  I have no political position on this thread, but I do find 
it to be a fundamental issue that no one is trying to stream-line the 
supply-chain by removing the huge inefficiencies as there are too many 
"special-interest" folks that sit in the middle of the supply-chain, 
offer 0 (or close to it) value, but are powerful entities that are able 
to hinder the system from uptaking fundamental change.

The waste, IMHO, comes from fundamental inefficiencies in the market 
system that are otherwise great in other areas, but are not compatible 
with providing the best health-care to as many people as possible.  I'm 
not saying I have an answer, but it kind of doesn't matter since the 
"wastes" in the extra exams, people that don't pay their fair share, 
etc. are far surpassed by supply chain wastes such as unbundling of 
services between payers and providers.

On 9/18/11 2:23 PM, Bill Humphries wrote:
> On Sep 18, 2011, at 1:10 PM, Simon Wistow wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 12:54:47PM -0700, Adam L Beberg said:
>>> The U.S. health care system is deeply, deeply broken and Obamacare is
>>> going to make things even worse.
>> Can you expand on the latter point? The batshit intricacies of the USs
>> healthcare system are fascinating but essentially unknowable to me.
> I will need to dig up the relevant references, but medical billing accounts for a large portion of our health care costs.
> -- whump
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