[FoRK] Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Thu Sep 22 07:23:08 PDT 2011

On 9/21/2011 8:34 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Some community colleges, at least, and many companies are going to the
> commercial cloud for their email and other infrastructure. If I'm using
> a Gmail account, is that company owned? (No.) Even if it is paid for by
> the company, is it company owned in the sense that they can raid it?
> (Maybe, but not as clearly so.)

I can't see community college professors doing the type of research that 
would bring the attention of government repression.

Unfortunately, if the school owns the domain, it owns the email 
regardless of where it's located.  Even hosted there's still an admin, 
but these type of mail ownership cases have been tested and tested again 
in the courts.  The company owns it.  In fact, just last year
Ontario v Quon was decided by the supreme court in favor of the employer.

> Anyway, why wouldn't someone just use their smart phone and maybe a
> bluetooth keyboard these days? Own the device, own the Internet
> connection, use a public/commercial/personally owned/leased resource.
> Not to mention that work email is arguably usable for personal use a
> certain percentage of the time, just as personal phone calls
> traditionally were.

Corporate subsidized smartphones are also fair game. :-)


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