[FoRK] alternatives to Project?

Kelley Walker kelley at inkworkswell.com
Wed Oct 5 08:02:09 PDT 2011

Yeah -- sorry sorry sorry for not being a little more clear.

No one's going to spring for MS Project, number one.

He's the software development manager, so he wants something with which to 
track projects. We used to have  a project manager, but we went Agile/Scrum 
and she was deemed too waterfall-based to make the transition. So, 
basically, it looks like maybe his boss is asking him to take on more of a 
project management role and track projects since, from what I can tell so 
far, our implementation of agile/scrum is going to be, uh, highly ... well, 
it's going to take awhile to unplug from waterfall...

He wants something that will track milestones, etc. 

As developers, we're using Jira to track the issues backlog, burndown 
chart, etc.




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On Oct 5, 2011, at 06:12 , Kelley Walker wrote:

> Hey all -
> I'm looking into alternatives for Microsoft Project. Doing some legwork 
> my manager because I'm working from home due to a cracked tailbone. 
> Initially, I was looking into open source alternatives, but he mentioned 

> something about whether there were programs simply based on Excel.

I think 1000 kittens just died. Ouch.

> Wondering if the FoRK crew has direct experience with any open source 
> alternatives. I can find the alternatives, I'm more interested in your 
> personal experience/reviews of the alternatives.

What are the actual needs? Is this a manager use tool or something for the 
whole team to use? Is it for building pretty charts of progress or actually 
helping to organize the work as it's happening? Etc.


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