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That's the company's fault or the fault of the manufacturing unions who 
demand a 20 year contract on a hardware component that has a market 
half-life/end of life of 3-5 years, a lifetime pension for every worker 
just for walking in the door, and a tax on all earnings so that the 
leadership can use it on political crusades often against the very 
things that the unions are trying to protect for the workers.

That'd take their whole lineup of expensive products and price them 
right out of the market.

Which is the more rational choice?

BTW, with the modern high tech components, quality control is driving 
manufacturing back to the US.  High failure rates, low manufacturing 
tolerances, and contamination are all major quality issues in Chinese 
manufactured electronics.

For instance, everyone knows the Solyndra story and how they were out 
manufactured by Chinese goods, but the shipping of the actual, highly 
fragile components was causing major problems.   There's a company I 
know that builds highly specific, mid-sized wind generators--kind of 
like the ones you see in Palm Springs.   In order to be on the right 
side of the cost curve, they have to build extremely refined components 
with extremely low tolerances for errors and manufacturing defects. 
They can't build them in China or anywhere else in the world.  Their 
core IP is the manufacturing process.  Their distribution and 
manufacturing is local (or as close to the customer site as possible).

So it's innovation and quality that's going to be bring manufacturing 
jobs back (lowercase J, though zombie steve jobs has been posting a lot 
these past couple days).


On 10/7/2011 7:52 AM, mdw at martinwills.com wrote:
> Oh... I thought his magic was shipping all jobs related to the production
> of  the mac/ipod/iphone/ipad hardware and support to overseas companies
> and hiding this fact from the very people he sold them to.  Man I need to
> get out more often.
> Regards.

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