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> Ummm.... I thought it was Wal-Mart that pioneered and refined that to an
> absolute art. Was I wrong?
>          ...ken...

I can provide first hand knowledge to that!  I worked for Wal-Mart from
1992 to 1998.  During that time they PUSHED TO THE POINT OF EXHAUSTION the
"Made in America" campaign to the point of costing them billions!!!!  I
remember too many meetings and town-halls all oriented to the "Made"
campaign. We had a giant 100' x 50' banner in our auditorium that was
"Made in America".  For 4 years that was pushed and pushed and pushed. 
What killed it was the manufactures' got it into their minds that
"Wal-Mart wants american brands so much, we can charge anything we want
because they need us!".  The consumers quit paying the higher prices for
the products and Wally-World moved on.  Lesson learned. Remember -- Rule
#1) The customer is always right. Rule #2) When customer is wrong refer
back to Rule #1.


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>> Oh... I thought his magic was
>> shipping all jobs related to the production
>> of  the mac/ipod/iphone/ipad hardware and support to
>> overseas companies
>> and hiding this fact from the very people he sold them
>> to.  Man I need to
>> get out more often.
>> Regards.

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