Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Fri Oct 7 14:54:34 PDT 2011

It was thus said that the Great Stephen Williams once stated:
> On Fri Oct  7 08:19:21 2011, HK Pang wrote:
> >Agreed! Personally, Jobs/Apple hardly mattered in my
> >educational/professional life.
> GUI, real word processing, multi-media (other that what came from Atari 
> / Amiga)...  There has been a lot of indirect influence.
> >In high school, Apple 2 was expensive, so I could only afford a
> >Commodore 64 but I could program in Basic/Pascal just as well.
> Ick.  I learned on Atari.  Far better than Commodore 64, or Pet, etc.  
> I used and programmed on them a bit: they seemed incomplete and a hack. 
> Or anything from Microsoft (buggie!  If you wrote much mbasic between 
> CP/M and Win3.1 eras, you know what I mean.) or Digital Research at the 
> time.  Too bad they were mismanaged.

  I learned on the Tandy Color Computer.  Not much in in the graphics
department, but I found the 6809 CPU a much nicer programming experience
than the 6502 (while both were 8-bit CPUs, the 6502 was designed (IMHO) for
embedded applications while the 6809 was developed with high level langagues
in mind, and it shows in the architecture).

> Apple ought to release [Mac OS-X] to run on any hardware by leveraging a
> Linux base.

  Is Apple a hardware company with a hobby in software, or a software
company with a hobby in hardware?  I think Apple is primarily a hardware
company, and licensing OS-X goes against their plans.


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