[FoRK] [serval-project-dev] An interesting paper: The Bin-Covering Technique for Thresholding Random Geometric Graph Properties

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Subject: [serval-project-dev] An interesting paper:  The Bin-Covering
	Technique for Thresholding Random Geometric Graph Properties
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I stumbled across this paper recently & thought it was interesting:


The Bin-Covering Technique for Thresholding Random Geometric Graph 
Properties  (2005)
by S. Muthukrishnan & Gopal Pandurangan


We study the emerging phenomenon of ad hoc, sensor-based communication 
networks. The communication is modeled by the random geometric graph model 
G(n, r, ℓ) where n points randomly placed within [0, ℓ] d form the nodes, 
and any two nodes that correspond to points at most distance r away from 
each other are connected. We study fundamental properties of G(n, r, ℓ) of 
interest: connectivity, coverage, and routing-stretch. Our main contribution 
is a simple analysis technique we call bin-covering that we apply uniformly 
to get (asymptotically) tight thresholds for each of these properties. 
Typically, in the past, random geometric graph analyses involved 
sophisticated methods from continuum percolation theory; on contrast, our 
bin-covering approach is discrete and very simple, yet it gives us tight 
threshold bounds. The technique also yields algorithmic benefits as 
illustrated by a simple local routing algorithm for finding paths with low 
stretch. Our specific results should also prove interesting to the 
networking community that has seen a recent increase in the study of random 
geometric graphs motivated by engineering ad hoc networks.

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