[FoRK] Vingian Optimism

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Oct 28 23:11:09 PDT 2011


> "The leaders of most powerful countries are coming to realise that the most important natural resources are not factories or the 
> size of armies. Economic power is in the size of the population that is well-educated, creative and generally happy enough to be 
> optimistic enough to want to do something creative."
> "The illusion of freedom becomes a strange thing when a government is dealing with ... thousands of people who are as bright as 
> the smartest people running the government. Together, they outclass the people running the show. The turning point is the notion 
> that to provide this illusion of freedom for such a group would wind up being more like real freedom than anything in human 
> history." Or, as he thinks Pogo might say for the 21st century, "We have met what's going to save our ass and it is us."

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