[FoRK] Fwd: [ PFIR ] Google announces opt-out for wi-fi location database, but beware of possible side effects

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Nov 16 08:18:25 PST 2011

If you're concerned enough about MAC addresses, rotate them to random values at any frequency want.  You might have to run Linux 
everywhere to do it (haven't cared whether you can change that level elsewhere), but that is a small price to pay to avoid 
monitoring by the G-man (Google?  Government?  Oooh, they're the same!  This is what those movies in the 50's were warning us about!)

Just make sure you complete the security measures:  Never leave the house or be seen through a window without face covering.  
Disguise your biometric signature (good luck appearing smaller, lighter, and with a different gait).  Don't use the same vehicles 
with any associatable ID.  Stay at a different location every night.  Travel to a different location for work every day.  Good luck.

In the one hour a day you have left, try to do something useful.  Without a traceable IP address or writing or coding style.  With 
untraceable funds.


On 11/16/11 6:01 AM, mdw at martinwills.com wrote:
> Google collects that information as part of it's location services.
> Whenever you have a non-gps phone using the Google navigation services,
> Google reverts to updating the location of your phone using triangulation
> of cell towers. If there is only one, it also tries to use the mac address
> of wifi APs that have been mapped by gps enabled phones.  There are
> numerous places in the US that you can only find/not find a cell tower and
> google falls back to using the mac addresses previously mapped.  The mac
> addresses are readily available and are NOT SUBJECT to privacy concerns.
> It is the same as anything else.  If you are drinking a beer in your front
> yard and a cop drives by (in most states) you can be given a ticket.  If
> you go to your back yard where you can't be seen, you can drink all you
> want. The privacy rules are quite simple.  As my grandma always said: "If
> you don't want people to see your dirty laundry, don't hang it on the
> clothesline".  Same with privacy.
> --Martin--
>>>> If you care
>>>> anything about security, not to mention privacy, you shouldn't be
>>>> broadcasting that at all.
>>>> I have a better idea, we should have a campaign that everyone change
>>>> their
>>>> ssid to "wireless," "netgear," "linksys," or "default."
>> Aren't you missing the point?
>> Google looks for wifi APs, and maps these to locations. I'm not sure
>> what info about the AP it looks for, but the SSID is certainly
>> immaterial. As far as I can tell, it looks for the MAC address and
>> this is always broadcast, even if your SSID is not.
>> The munged SSID is just a way to tell google to please ignore your AP.
>> If I understand correctly, this means that if you DON'T broadcast your
>> SSID, you CAN'T opt out :-)
>> --
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