[FoRK] Citizen's Arrest!

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Nov 28 19:23:45 PST 2011

The gist of the points I made in the past are precisely why it becomes a civic duty to press an issue like this if the opportunity / 
responsibility presents itself.  If the police are cynically enforcing letter-of-the-law when they know it is not a safety issue, 
they shouldn't be surprised if the public responds in kind.  That is doubly true when their actions introduce a massive increase in 
risk and break laws much more strongly than those they are after.  The case this thread started about involved an officer behaving 
in an actually significantly dangerous way in the midst of many vehicles all uneventfully traveling safely at about the same speed.  
The officer introduced significant danger to many people for no valid purpose.

I usually take the train these days, but today I drove.  Every single car on long segments of the highway this morning could legally 
have received a $500+ ticket.  Drivers in most areas drive like this every single day.  The consensus and law de jure are certainly 
clear as to what the law should be, but everyone with a negative stake likes to maintain the fiction that "speeding" is an unusual 
and overly dangerous offense in every case that it is over the line.  I call bullshit.

It may take a bit of probing to find effective leverage.  But at least I'll learn a few more things.

As for me, I'm uncertain when I last received a speeding ticket.  It was a while ago.  I'm somewhat conservative with my speed, but 
I'm not going to increase risk by driving less than traffic flow and I will make a speed / risk tradeoff when I need to.  Several 
years ago I was stopped once in Texas in the middle of the night while driving from Silicon Valley to DC, but he decided against 
ticketing me.


On 11/28/11 5:03 PM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> Given past comments about driving while on the phone and experience with speeding tickets I have to wonder about the sensibility 
> of pushing the issue.

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