[FoRK] 20 Signs That The Culture Of Government Dependence Has Gotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control

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Wed Dec 7 08:57:15 PST 2011

>> Way too many Americans believe that the government should just swoop in
>> and solve all of their problems.
> ok, sure, maybe.

This is the whole point of the Blog entry! This country is a Republic and
NOT a democracy!  At least the Constitution and the Bill of rights NEVER
MENTION the word democracy!

>> For example, the plight of a single
>> mother named Angel Adams made national headlines recently.
> uhh, youre going to use a single newsworthy example to back up your
> argument. this should be good.
>  Over the years
>> her relationships with three different men have produced 15 children,
>> and
>> she was recently found living in a single motel room with 12 of those
>> children.
> wow. that's a lot of children. almost a fetish, you might say. clearly
> something is wrong with this person - they arent making healthy or
> rational
> decisions. of course, it might be the boyfriend who has the fetish, trying
> to father a nation or something.

The point of the article (which this is only 1 of the 20 points) and is
empirically proven with this example is: "the belief that has been
fostered over the last 50 or so years, by politicians trying to get
elected, that the government is responsible for everything".

>> Adams is looking for the government to come in and rescue her.  The
>> following is what Adams told one reporter....
>>    “Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my
>> suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to
>> pay.”
>> http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/20-signs-that-the-culture-of-government-dependence-has-gotten-completely-and-totally-out-of-control
> a woman who has 12 children, no boyfriend and no job will of course be
> looking for someone to come and rescue them.
> the proper role of government in this case is to guide people away from
> having more children they can care for (i.e. by making contraception
> freely

You have fallen into the same trap! From you response just above: "... the
proper role of government ..."  THERE IS NO PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN
THIS INSTANCE!  From the blog article:

 "The truth is that the government is not your mommy and your daddy.  The
government is not there to take money away from someone else and give it
to you.  The government is supposed to be the "referee" - not your own
personal caretaker."

If you contend that it is, then you might as well turn in your personal
liberties promised by the Constitution.  Nowhere in the Constitution is
the government empowered to do this.  The entire Constitution is a
document that RESTRICTS the powers of the government NOT GIVING them more
powers.  This instance isn't the only one.  These everyday events are
allowed consideration because the persistent belief fostered by the
politician of the last 50 years (that want to get elected) that the
government is responsible for protecting you from your own mistakes.  I
advance the notion that if this woman was raised 50 years ago, she would
have never gotten in this position. There were never any government
handouts that she could have depended on, hence she would never made the
same decisions.

> available, by making abortion possible, and by having someone keep an eye
> out for these kinds of cases as they develop). when all else has failed,
> the proper role of government is to look after the children, who have had
> no choice about the situation they have been brought into.

Again it is NOT the role of government!  It is the individual
responsibility of every one, guaranteed by the Constitution, to do what is
right for them. The government is TO STAY OUT of personal affairs! When
that is fully realized, then events like the above will cure themselves
over time.


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