[FoRK] 20 Signs That The Culture Of Government Dependence Has Gotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Wed Dec 7 11:14:57 PST 2011

It was thus said that the Great Lorin Rivers once stated:
> Don't you hate it when government swoops in and builds a highway? 

  You might want to talk to Kenneth R. Bonsant:

	The state is taking Bonsant's home and 1-acre property as part of
	the project design to improve access to Interstate 95's Exit 113 in
	north Augusta.
	"They took my house," said Bonsant, 78. "It will be nine weeks (last
	Monday). I don't like it at all whatsoever. Out I go 'cause they
	threw me out -- that's all. I'm waiting for my appraisal money, and
	l will look around for another house. I want to stay right in this


  Or a bunch of residents in Arkansas:


  It seems that people quite often fight the construction of highways:


  Go figure.
> What ever happened to people building their own interstate travel system
> and bootstrapping their combustion abatement?

	The Great Northern was the only privately funded, and successfully
	built, transcontinental railroad in United States history. No
	federal land grants were used during its construction, unlike every
	other transcontinental railroad built. It was one of the few
	transcontinental railroads to avoid receivership following the Panic
	of 1893.


  Now how about that?  


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