[FoRK] 20 Signs That The Culture Of Government Dependence HasGotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Wed Dec 7 16:32:04 PST 2011

It was thus said that the Great Bill Kearney once stated:
> >The Great Northern was the only privately funded, and successfully
> >built, transcontinental railroad in United States history. No
> >federal land grants were used during its construction, unlike every
> >other transcontinental railroad built.
> Ignoring the plight of the local indigenous peoples, of course.  I'm sure 
> there were less than happy about that privately funded effort... 

>From http://www.perc.org/articles/article802.php:

	In the past, most if not all North American indigenous peoples had a
	strong belief in individual property rights and ownership. Frederick
	Hodge (1910) noted that individual private ownership was "the norm"
	for North American tribes.

	Likewise, Julian Steward (1938, 253) asserted that among Native
	Americans communal property was limited, and Frances Densmore (1939)
	concluded that the Makah tribe in the Pacific Northwest had property
	rights similar to Europeans. These early twentieth-century
	historians and anthropologists had the advantage of actually
	interviewing tribal members who had lived in pre-reservation Indian

  -spc (Probably less indigenous people than you think ... )

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