[FoRK] Big Data

Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Mon Jan 30 15:37:12 PST 2012

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote on 1/30/2012 2:01 PM:
> But in big data, you don't hold the data hostage, you just leverage
> using it against the owners, but don't really have to hold on to it.

Oh? Facebook refusing to ever delete anything is a huge part of their 
value to the government, and advertisers too I suppose. And their only 
visible value is putting ads in front of people that don't know about 
AdBlock and other tools.

I had to turn AdBlock off the other day to get a Yahoo article to load, 
and the whole page was ads. I don't mean lots of ads around the edges, 
or it popped up and went away, I mean I had to scroll down >1000px to 
reach the first line of content. Facebook and Google must be drooling 
over (and working on) an interface that pure.

But I have optimism for the future. Kids throw tantrums when a 
commercial comes on, tho even with PVR skipping TV is now boring 
compared to the iPad and other interactive fun. Frankly, they are 
oblivious that advertising even exists, and mad when it does intrude 
their flow.

So all the revenue panic that's going on is just avoiding the inevitable 
conclusion - humans have evolved immunity to advertising. I hear 
exploiting addictions with free-to-play games is working well... for now.

Adam L. Beberg

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