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" A civilization has been turned into a mere market." Jon Talton
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> Koen Holtman wrote on 2/4/2012 5:19 AM:
>> In big data about humans, there is no such technical argument about how
>> big the data needs to be.  There is just the assumption that more data
>> inevitably leads to more knowledge, more profitable ad placement, a more
>> efficient economy, etc.
> Except the whole mining idea is a load of bull. Sell ads. More ads. Noone
> cares about anything but the ability to push ads. That's what happens when
> every single company on the internet has the same business model. Facebook,
> Google, Yahoo... MORE ADS.
> So the only data point to care about is if human X has the subset of
> psychological disorders that make them fill their empty lives with STUFF,
> and which one. Healthy people don't click on the ads, healthy brains ignore
> ads and anyone the slightest bit techie AdBlocks, so they are NULLs as far
> as the internet cares. Operational costs in the hopes their friends are
> more disorderly ;)
> You know, hoarders, cat ladies, the Home Shopping Network watchers. The
> ones keeping up with the Jones - "Bob has X, I need X!" (friend
> recommendations). Oh look a candy bar with 2000% markup in the checkout
> lane (geo aware). Am I pretty enough (demographic targeting)... etc. Amazon
> has some great research about identifying the type of ads that work since
> they do multiple forms on the main page - by psychologists identifying
> personality disorders.
> So all this big data analytics is fancy cover and happy happy wrapping on
> a dark art. The only thing to data mine is mental disorders. Because at the
> end of the day, that's the only way ads work.
> So huge amounts of data is not needed. Just reliable labeling and victory
> - the right kind of ads for the disorder. And the label data is sellable,
> so you don't even have to do any mining once everyone is labeled properly,
> which should be quite soon.
> The next great battle is tech lobbyists vs drugs. Healthy people buy less
> stuff and damage GDP, so expect the FDA to start banning effective drugs
> soon. Remember, a mentally healthy internet is an out of business Internet
> :)
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