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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Feb 27 11:42:50 PST 2012

On 2/27/12 10:34 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> On 2/27/2012 10:12 AM, Adam L Beberg wrote:
>> Because what everyone craves is to watch movies and play games on a 4"
>> screen instead of their big screen.
> Using media when, where, and how you want it *is* a killer app. Complaints about screen size are typically from someone who's 
> never crossed that river.

All devices now support HDMI (the new standard is multiplexing through micro-USB, with a new kind of cable).  Most or all support 
direct Wifi video transmission that works with most big screen TVs (HD, although maybe not yet full HD in most cases).  On older 
devices, this sometimes was herky jerky, but that's obviously not going to be a problem with quad core, actually using GPU, etc.

Achieving those ATT commercial room-to-room video watching?  Forget cable, doing that now with a mobile device streaming via 4G is 
just a matter of software.

> BTW, if you have new vuzix media glasses, it's just like a 50ft movie screen anyways...
> Greg


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