[FoRK] Onlive Desktop

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Feb 28 23:35:07 PST 2012

The whole Onlive remote gaming thing seemed interesting, but only very usable by people trying things out.

Onlive Desktop however seems like a great solution, with good pricing right now.  Video compression and low lag are impressive.  
Works smoothly with few delays (other than login when you bring the Ipad app up).  Although you need significant bandwidth, it feels 
surprisingly good when you do, even for PC games, Flash, etc.

While they have a general patent on remote gaming, they can't get it for remote desktop.  All they seem to be doing on the 
compression side is splitting the screen into 16 "slices" and using hardware compression.  Plus they've got a clean Windows 
virtualization farm, and Office/Windows licenses.

This may remove the need to have Windows for many people.  An Ipad would be enough.  There's no reason their app wouldn't work on 
Android or a Chromebook too.

At free, or $4.99/mo., not bad.


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