[FoRK] InSanitarium: Count the crazies

Steve Nordquist saigua at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 29 17:10:29 PST 2012

>> - Romney doubles-down on "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"[…] in Michigan
>> - Santorum on…Catholic JFK's church/state speech: "That makes me throw  
>> up"
> No kidding. How nutty is it to suppose that personal pride or some
> other intangible stops them from folding their campaigns now, so they
> are purposely torpedoing themselves in order to lose the nomination?

Waaait for it; Romney at the Convention comes out in KISH drag, makes  
every mistake in _Detroit Mjetl City_ in 1/2 hour of Ur-pandering to  
people born in the '40s, when Ron P₳l comes out, buff and covered in  
henna, somehow with a dress collar and lacing boots, with a really nice  
piece of shoegaze Paul McCartney just cannot carry off on the same  
contrabass violin.
47 minutes or so are spent addressing new ventures. focusing on Black and  
Coastal-Emigrant concerns in USA and BAFTA.
A recess is declared with mastery in Wii Championship Volleyball  
demonstrated by a mystery candidate; a series of gerrymandering blather  
invoking the incumbent suddenly gains spirited meter, styling, vocal range  
and texture; Lori Adelman comes out, announced as the Presidential  
Candidate to a slideshow titled 'Initiative' by Paula Scɚr.

Then they are joined by M83 and all turn into sheep with jetpacks as  
Anonymous parade up and down jello slides on either side of the stage,  
bearing praise and budget compliance with simpler rules on whiteboards. An  
intermission featuring a combed spectrum of red lights a Cond-Nast Danger  
Rʭʭm caters to my-particular-hypertension-is-normal sensibilities, while  
screening _Melancholia_.

States cite other States' crucial balancing measure to their own, and  
identify with a jobber before nominating the productive counsel of EdelP₳l.

Then they clear the joint and utter not another word.

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