[FoRK] overhead of RESTful stuff

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Thu Mar 8 07:26:01 PST 2012

If you use a compiler like Excelsior Jet, performance is the same.

For REST, most Java stacks are pretty mature.  There are some C++ + 
other scripting languages that are straight across functionality 

Hardware is a commodity, so any hardware costs will more than be made up 
for by development and maintenance costs.

Most modern serves have dual or quad GBit ethernet, so a proper network 
architecture which takes into account routing front ends and good 
balancing using proper net naming and setup shouldn't be a problem.

The biggest bottlenecks for almost 99% of REST based applications will 
be disk i/o, memory size, and then cpu.


On 3/8/2012 4:25 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> There's some enthusiasm for SOA and RESTful stuff at my dayjob lately
> (yeah, we're always trailing state of the art by a decade or two),
> so I'm worried about overhead. These Java wonks don't have a good
> grasp of the entire hardware/network stack, and potential overhead
> of calls.
> First Java, how much overhead relative to C/C++ are we looking
> at? I estimate a factor of 5-10 in terms of hardware budget
> (more fat nodes, or many more the leaner nodes we're currently
> using). Is this about right or too pessimistic?
> I estimate that a lean box will crap out at about ~kHz of RESTful
> calls, especially if it's all a big wad of Java oozing behind the
> NIC. Is that about right? Linux/Windows differ much here?
> In terms of networking, is GBit Ethernet going to become a
> bottleneck for building applications from REST interfaces?
> Are any of you using REST on InfiniBand or is the idea insane
> in general, given the (probably awful) overhead?
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