[FoRK] Pressure Pasteurization

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Mar 10 12:15:04 PST 2012

If it kills bacteria, etc., what effect does it have on nutritional value?  Supposedly it is better because it avoids heating.
So, things that are not crushable can not be more natural.  Kind of solves the raw milk problem I would think.
Too bad the machines currently cost $1M.

> /High Pressure Pasteurization is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge technology that uses intense hydrostatic 
> pressure to deactivate and destroy pathogenic bacteria and microbiological contaminant flora. An ideal solution for pre-packaged 
> RTE products including meats, soups, wet salads, sauces, fruit smoothies, shellfish and seafood, Safe Pac's HPP process allows 
> food manufacturers to offer safely packaged, minimally altered chemical-and-preservative-free goods to retailers, with minimal 
> fear of recall due to bacterial contamination. According to Guy Giordano, President of Safe Pac Pasteurization, LLC, "By applying 
> up to 87,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure per square inch to ready-to-eat food products in their final packaging, ourHPP Process 
> completely eradicates harmful bacteria, <http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/18/2325210/safe-pac-high-pressure-pasteurization.html> 
> eliminating the need for chemicals and preservatives, without compromising the taste or texture of the treated products." /



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