[FoRK] Google Fails

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Mar 10 13:11:10 PST 2012

And another.  Notable only because they're unusual and clustered.  (What does it mean? Rushing things out the door?)  Normally 
everything works well.

I have two active Android phones.  On one, an automatic change was pushed that changed "Market" to "Play".  I then manually 
triggered updates on 5 apps.  Something crashed, and now there is no "Market" or "Play" or "Google Play" on the phone...  On the 
other, there was no push, but when I triggered Market, it showed the new agreement acceptance dialog, and still shows as "Market" as 
an app.

> Missing Android Market/Google Play App
> Some users are reporting that updates to Google Play require a device reboot to work properly. If the Google Play app disappears 
> or force closes upon first open, please reboot your device and try opening the app again. We apologize for any inconvenience, and 
> we're working hard on a more permanent resolution.

Didn't work, still broken.


On 3/10/12 11:21 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> First, on Wed. evening from 8pm until at least 10pm, Gmail was broken for me: Displayed a message that my mailbox was 
> unavailable.  In a massive coincidence (? Unless there was a major Internet cut), my colo ISP was offline for the same time period.
> Then, I noticed yesterday that maps.google.com isn't working right at all, especially in Firefox or Aurora (a Firefox experimental 
> version).  It still works fine in Chrome.  The problem is that it lags terribly, fails to load image blocks at various 
> resolutions, and sometimes goes into load/fail attempts to load blocks that just keeps redrawing the wrong info.
> sdw

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