[FoRK] Caution

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 19 19:05:30 PDT 2012

Nice intro.
> Caution: This story does not have a happy ending. It is neither a story for the faint of heart nor for the critical of mouth. 
> If you're easily offended, or prone to being a disagreeable knave in blog comments, please stop reading now.

He's wrong about some things about Java, but funny read anyway.

For instance:
> Sun wouldn't even have to break their convention of requiring all functions to be "owned" by classes. Every anonymous function 
> could carry an implicit "this" pointer to the class in which it was defined; problem solved.
This is in fact how Java works.  In practice, anonymous inner methods are very close to closures.
And "packages" are Java's answer to "modules", not just classes.  Additionally, a very common idiom is to have platform or 
utility classes where you throw independent functions.

In any case, good that people are finally waking up to class diarrhea and other problems.  Need to finish my concise coding 
design rules.


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